Laminated Glass Designs

Our manufacturing factory is able to provide customers with an array of laminated panels, created by using a special resin to adhere two pieces of glass together, therefore protecting the interlayer from being scratched or damaged.  Laminated Safety Glass can be utilised for decorative and colourful effects behind a club bar, privacy screens/partitions, counter light boxes, door inserts and many other uses including laminated oil paintings for a great feature.

We offer:                  

  • 6.8mm  Rice Paper Laminated Glass
  • 6.8mm Clear Silver Laminated Mirror
  • 6.8mm Graphic Gold Laminated Mirror
  • 6.8mm Clear Laminated Glass
  • 7.8mm Bronze Tint Laminated Mirror
  • 7.8mm Grey Tint Laminated Mirror
  • 7.8mm Acid Etch Laminated Glass

*other thicknesses available upon request.





Graphic Glass Services Qld now offer a wide variety of  FILMS TO GLASS.

Films can be adhered directly to glass panels including existing fixed glass panels or can be laminated between 2 panels of glass, creating a decorative safety glass panel.

Films to glass not only offer an affordable decorative touch, they are perfect for modesty strips and privacy panels.

IMG_7497 IMG_7496 IMG_7495

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Glass and Mirror cut to size onsite